Recently detected Corona/Covid-19 outbreak is a respiratory illness that is affecting both patients and healthcare workers worldwide

Corona / Covid-19 virus is an enveloped, single-stranded RNA virus, firstly identified by authorities in Wuhan, Hubei, China. It is a contagious (human-to-human transmission) which causes respiratory infection and its genetic sequences is similar to SARS-CoV.

Considering there is neither specific antiviral treatment nor vaccine to prevent Corona / Covid-19, we have to pay an extreme attention to avoid being exposed to the virus.

# Always Cover your Coughs and Sneezes 

# Keep a Good Air-flow and Ventilation in Homes/Offices/Businesses 

# Wear a Face Mask covering Nose, Mouth & Chin

# Follow Social Distancing of 3 meters

# Always Carry & Use a Sanitizer Spray when you go out into Public

Following a strict Hand & Feet Hygiene

# Once you return to home from Public places, Take Bath / Hot Shower   (discard exposed cloths for washing)

# Clean and Disinfectant frequently touched surfaces 

# Spray Disinfectant after each use of the bath rooms

# Flush the commodes only after closing the commode lid / cover 

# Spray Wash your Raw Meats/Raw Vegetables with Acetic acid (Vinegar) based sanitizers